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Casefiles: Sam and Twitch Casefiles: Sam and Twitch

A crime fiction series picking up where the original Sam and Twitch series left off. Casefiles continued to follow the lives of New York City Police detectives Sam Burke and Max "Twitch" Williams.

Curse of the Spawn Curse of the Spawn

An anthology series that features story arcs centered on hellspawn other than Al Simmons, as well as supporting characters in the Spawn world. Key arcs include Daniel Llanso, Suture, and Jessica Priest.

Cy-Gor Cy-Gor

A short lived series centered on the cybernetic half-man, half-ape creature known as Cy-Gor.

Hellspawn Hellspawn

Hellspawn was a departure from the core Spawn series both in terms of style and continuity. The story picks up roughly soon after the events of Spawn #100, but diverges into an alternate storyline.

Sam and Twitch Sam and Twitch

A crime fiction series Following the lives of New York City Police Detectives Sam Burke and Max “Twitch” Williams. The detective pair are supporting characters in the ongoing Spawn series, but here they are the stars.

Spawn: The Dark Ages Spawn: The Dark Ages

Taking place in Europe during the dark ages, Spawn: The Dark Ages chronicles the afterlife of a hellspawn named Covenant and his attempts to regain his humanity.

Spawn: Godslayer Spawn: Godslayer

An epic fantasy story that is completely seperate from the core continuity of Spawn. Godslayer focuses on a mythical warrior named Bairn.

Spawn the Undead Spawn the Undead

Roughly following the events of Spawn #86, Spawn the Undead is an anthology series in which Spawn himself plays only a minor role. The series explores the stories of souls wrongly influenced by Heaven and Hell, and Spawn's attempts to free them of the interference.

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